Collective residences


From Monday, 16 May 2022 to Friday, 27 May 2022



Nataliya was born in a military camp in Soviet Germany in 1986, as her parents were military officers. When the Berlin Wall fell, they returned home to Sumy, Ukraine. A city that until a few weeks ago was a beautiful place in the north-east of the country, now there are only ruins. In the late nineties they moved to Barcelona. It is in Barcelona that she has developed her career. She has a degree in philosophy from the University of Barcelona and an M. Phil, specialising in contemporary philosophy, from the UAB. She took a postgraduate in film and TV scriptwriting at the IL3-UB. She has written works such as "Radio Vargas", winner of the VLC-Pitch forum and winner of the award for best pilot script, or "Dasha", selected by Dama Ayuda 2021. She also teaches screenwriting workshops and collaborates with institutions such as Tecnocampus.


During my stay at Faber Llull I will work on my feature film project "Entre nichos", a story in three acts whose characters and their tales will be interconnected by small fatalities of fate, thus creating a network of narratives with a common localisation: the Poblenou cemetery in Barcelona. My goal is to have a solid first version of the script after the stay and to work on the relationship between the characters, their conflicts and their arcs.

I would like to thank the Faber Llull organisation once again for giving me the opportunity to take part in the writing residency. It was a magical 12 days where the participants were able to work on their scripts without interruptions and with a total free schedule.

Being surrounded by forest and nature also helps, the walks and the conversations with my fellow writers have been inspiring. Thank you for the wonderful dinners, thank you for the attention you have given us and thank you for the first category activities and masterclasses you have prepared.

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