Individual residencies / Olot


From Friday, 1 April 2022 to Friday, 8 April 2022

Actress, playwright


She has a degree in acting from the Institut del Teatre where she has also studied the postgraduate course IT Teatre. In the field of theatre, she has acted in shows such as "Cireres&Lentejuelas" (musical, Cía La Melancómica), "Belleza, belleza" (Cia. Fàc Off), "AMNE(I)S(T)IA" (dir .Chokri Ben Chickha - Sala Beckett, Temporada Alta) or "Cuques" (musical, Escena Nacional de Andorra, Cía La Siberiana). Also in the micro-theatre "Les molt il·lustres", "La petita llar" (dir. Jaume Viñas) i "Aquest Sol hi és per a tots?" (Gira Píndoles). In the audiovisual field, she has played the leading actress in the feature film "Pròfugs" (dir. Nil Forcada, S.O. BARCIFF i S.O. VALÈIFF) iand the short film "Yule" (dir. Andreu Bertan). he has also participated in the short film "Hiedra" (dir. David Haro, Contraban).As a playwright she is co-author of the musical "Cuques" and is currently training at the Obrador de la Sala Beckett, writing her next play.


Encouraged by the desire to continue writing theatre, since last September I have been doing an annual writing workshop at Sala Beckett. After a few months of technical training, in December 2021 I started writing my second play. It is about the relationship between two sisters when a family secret comes to light. The opposition about going public or not, the silences, the secrets and taboos within the family itself and the growing discomfort between the two are the ingredients of this story. And honestly, to be able to develop a part of it in a natural environment, being able to share opinions and thoughts with other residents is a privilege.

Enjoy writing in Olot

I was able to enjoy being an individual resident in Faberllull Olot in 2022 and it has been a very enriching experience. It is a beautiful place, in the middle of a natural environment perfect for going for a walk and enjoying all the paths, forests and meadows there are. One of these walks is perfect for returning with a completely different energy and focusing on the work in a different way.

This is one of the main points that would highlight the residence: that it provides a different perspective with which to work for a week. Being able to work in such a beautiful place makes the work more rewarding. And that helps you build your project on a day-to-day basis, out of a desire to have fun, rather than obligation. The second point is that as a resident, you feel very cared for at all times, both by the hotel staff and by Gavina and Pepa. In this sense, I would like to highlight his willingness to offer immediate solutions to problems and setbacks, always from the desire to work and never from the complaint.

Finally, the third and most important point is to be able to enjoy meeting people who, despite not doing the same thing you are doing at the project level, bring you ideas and thoughts that you can use in what you are. doing. With the hotel and the Faberllull team, you feel taken care of and with the other residents, accompanied.

For all this, I am delighted with this experience and recommend it 100% for future residents.

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