Collective residences


From Tuesday, 1 February 2022 to Friday, 11 February 2022

Painter, Dancer, Eye Surgeon, Meditation Teacher
Tel Aviv (Israel)


Audrey Messas is a French-Morrocan-Israeli mixed media artist who works in Tel Aviv at an intersection of painting, dance, photography and awareness practices. Her creations include acrylic paintings, collages, calligraphy, textiles and short texts. Being an active eye surgeon, Audrey's art offers a unique perspective on the body and seeks to reveal human nature from a personal and global perspective. For the last 20 years Audrey studied consciousnessand dance internationally, and abstract painting at the artist's house in Tel Aviv, and Japanese calligraphy in the Mountain and River Zen monastery in the Catskills. In 2014 Audrey's work was exhibited for the first time in Jerusalem. In 2020 Audrey had her first solo exhibition titled “Permanent Change” in Tel Aviv. She has recently been selected to be on the Steering Committee of the international ‘CHAOS art project. Evolving work involves the creation of 3D characters addressing more urgent collective issues such as climate change, sovereignty and polarization.


Multidimensional exploration of Migrations: 1.Migrations as ancestral and personal events: My parents migrated from Morocco to France and I migrated from France to Israel. I am from jewish-african descent and the theme of migration has been present in my ancestry for hundreds of years. 2.Migrations as a disruption of our relationship to the planet, and an aggravating factor for Climate change 3.Migrations as a deconstruction -renewal of identity. Merging cultural gaps, starting anew in foreign territory are part of the daily life of the migrants. The end product of the week residency is a painting-installation based on Acrylic paintings that include references to migrations Images used to approach climate change in previous works. Collages approaching the theme of identity and belonging

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