Collective residencies / Migration and refugee movements in the 21st century / Olot


From Tuesday, 1 February 2022 to Friday, 11 February 2022

Novelist and Researcher
Romano di Lombardia (Italy)


Mauro Colarieti is an Italian MA film student from the University of Bologna and an alumnus of the Falmouth University School of Film and Television.

His first YA novel, "Constellation of pimples", was published when he was seventeen years old, and it got later translated in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. His creative writing pieces appeared on various magazines, from Vanity Teen to Carie Letterarie, while his research essays on pop culture, constructive ecofeminism, and contemporary literature will soon be published in two academic anthologies.


During the residency, I'm going to work on my new novel, "What Ziggy would do". It's a Young Adult and speculative piece about a family of aliens who seeks asylum on Earth because of war, but eventually face descrimination as they try to adjust to the manners of humans. The main character, Dyrre, is an ET teenager who ends up feeling lonely and objectified by his peers. Thanks to a classmate, he discovers David Bowie and develops an adoration for Ziggy Stardust.

WZWD deals with themes such as racism, bullying, and the problematics behind the contemporary war refugee status.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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