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Mercedes Carbayo Abengózar is a Lecturer in Spanish at Maynooth University, Ireland, since 2015. Previously she was a Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent (NTU), UK from 1992 to 1998. Her research interests have always been the representation on gender in Spanish popular culture. During the last five years the last five years, she has particularly focused on representations of non-normative motherhood in popular culture. Se has published on writers as Carmen Martín Gaite, singers like Concha Piquer and painters like Frida Kahlo.


Exploring childless women under the Franco’s regime through the eyes of Usos amorosos de la posguerra Española of Camen Martín Gaite.

I am aiming to explore the concepts/perceptions surrounding non-married, childless women (“solteronas”) versus married childless women who had children and lost them, as it happened to the author herself. What kind of status they hold in a society where women were defined in terms of their capacity to marry and mother their children? By exploring Usos amorosos, I aim to discuss how Spanish society is still today very influenced by the forty years lived under a very strong dictatorship obsessed with women and its only function in life, that of mothers.

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