Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 4 April 2022 to Friday, 8 April 2022

Life in progress
Cervera (Lleida, Catalonia)


He has been working professionally and exclusively in the Street Arts for 20 years. In 2003, he co-founded with Ivan Alcoba the company Fadunito, with which he has worked in almost all the fairs and street theater festivals in Spain and has traveled with his shows to more than 30 countries around the world. In 2007-2009 he studied Fai Ar, Advanced and itinerant training in street arts in Marseille, France. In 2017, with the creation of his first "solo" LIMITS, presented at Fira Tàrrega, he began a new line of research parallel to the company, where he works on personal research and experimentation in new languages. In 2019 he started teaching street theater in the Aula de Teatre of Lleida. In 2020 he obtained the Generalitat Scholarship on research in the performing arts with the project, Performing Arts and Health. In 2021 he co-organizes with Cruma, the first edition of SPASA, Street Performing Arts Summer Academy, a two-week International Training in Street Arts.

He is currently researching the Transversality of the Triangle: Culture-Education-Health.


The work consists of an investigation on "the look at the public space", where precisely a duality is confronted, the private space (the person), with the public space, and what "transits" through the middle is the LOOK .

Faber llull would like to work and delve into the part where I relate the Look to the Public Space.
The look and the point of view: How to place people in different perspectives, we can see very different things.
Is the space really public, if there are barriers for anyone? Work on the concept of looking at the physical accessibility of one's own space.
Public / private look, can we talk about the type of look depending on where we are?
Philosophical look.
according to Merlau-Ponty, to philosophize is to “learn to see the world again”.

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