Individual residencies / Andorra


From Tuesday, 7 June 2022 to Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Multi-disciplinary artist, composer, sound designer, writer
United States


Moldovan-American multidisciplinary artist, composer and sound designer, who has been contributing to both European and American art scenes, exploring various mediums: from music and visuals to video games, radio and theater productions.

Artist's most notable works are "Queuelbum" (IMA award for Best Electronic Album), the immersive video game "Wurroom" (created in collaboration with Michael Rfdshir), the audiovisual installations "Third World Walker" and "INKBLOT" (presented at festivals and conferences around the world including NYCEMF / USA, Convergence / UK, Technarte / Spain, New Music Gathering / USA, and Video Art Forum / Saudi Arabia.
Bulat's artistic approach is often perceived as a meditation on arts, philosophy, science, and society; and deals with such diverse subjects as creativity, technology, reality, culture, and identity.

Recent artistic activities include the release of the multi-format albums "Wurmenai", "Similarities Between Fish And A Chair" (a collaboration with artists from 10 countries), and the score for the experimental video game "Isolomus".


The project I would like to work on is "Inkblot", a sound experience designed as a psychological test, but expanded by additional senses.
One of the main ideas "Inkblot" is identity, moreover is crucial to work with authentic sounds and add locations for the research and evolution of the project.

My projects' aim is not just purely recreational; its' key focus is to use all elements and tools spoken above to nourish the mind, creativity, and individuality, with the outcome being to establish a new and expanded format for artistic practices.

"A Blast Of A Must"

Faber residency exceeded my expectations! My initial hopes, interests, and ideas were transported and amplified, culminating in a creative explosion. 

For an artist, researcher, or any professional in the realm, being in Andorra and Faber is a lucky ticket. If one is looking for an immense source of inspiration - this is exactly The Place. 

Not only due to the uniqueness of nature around you but also cultural richness, the kindness of people, and generosity in sharing their love for the country. 

In my case, it wasn't just through art that I learn about this new territory, but majorly through the people. Locals are eager to introduce what is best in Andorra for seekers like me, what is Andorra, and how you can benefit from being here. 

Being both European and American, I could equally connect  - as a Moldovan I felt at home, and as an American, I felt welcomed, understood, and loved. 

It is an extraordinary world, I highly recommend anyone to experience and get inspired by. 

Through Faber, you can be a part of this world and it will likely be a part of you. 

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