Collective residences


From Monday, 25 April 2022 to Sunday, 1 May 2022

Choreographer and dancer
Balearics Islands


Elena Lalucat graduated in Choreography and Interpretation of Dance from the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona) in 2014. She was involved in a programme with Compagnia Zappalà (Italy) in 2016 and finished her academic studies with a PG Programme at London Contemporary Dance School. She has worked as a freelancer since then, mainly as a performer with Cia Baal (Mallorca) Tilted Producctions (London), Zero en Conducta, Big Bouncers or Tercio Incluso. She works in physical theatre, movement and improvisation, visual theatre and puppeteering. In 2020 she created her first theatre piece Unexploded Bomb as a co-production with Teatre Principal de Palma (Mallorca), an improvisation system where commands, projections, music and dance are happening live and building together. She premiered "esberlar" with her own Company L'Atapeïda, her first outdoor piece this Summer at Danseu Festival.


I was selected with my colleagues in CREATION 21/22, a truly unique programme which was created for performing artists at all stages of their careers and across a range of disciplines (dance, theatre, circus, spectacle, performance art, street arts), to develop their practice, network, learn and showcase work. It will include in-person collaboration opportunities in Ireland, as well an international residency in 2022 The project offers artistic development opportunities through mentoring, coaching, residencies and ‘in-progress’ presentation opportunities as part of Carlow Arts Festival, Dublin Dance Festival, National Circus Festival and Danseur Festival. This project is an opportunity to deeply collaborate with artists from various performing art forms and areas of experience. This residency is specifically focussed on performing artists in the East and Southeast region of Ireland, as well as European partners. It will be designed hand in hand with makers from the Theatre, Dance, and Circus/Street Art/Spectacle worlds to ensure it is delivering to the participating artists what they need at this time. The project is flexible and will focuses on creating space to support artists in the ways they currently need.

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