Collective residencies / Cinema Lliure Connecta / Palma


From Monday, 15 November 2021 to Sunday, 21 November 2021

Barcelona (Catalonia)


Carles Lairini is a filmmaker who has developed several projects and short films since he was enrolled to Audiovisual Communication in the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2008. He has proved his creativity and passion on the several projects he has participated and till nowadays he has directed four short films, all of them related with the thriller genre, one of his favourites. In fact, it has been this same genre that has inspired him to write stories, not only to capture the viewer, but also to lead him to reflect on issues around us. Another of his passions is dramatic art, which is why he spent two years studying this performing art, which opened new doors for him in the world of acting and advertising. The training also enabled him to put himself in the actor's shoes, understand him better, and as a result, know how to direct him better.


During my stay in Faberllull, my intention is to develop a complex script and characters based on the plot of my project. My goal is to write a well-structured script taking into account the other variables of the film market. On the one hand, to develop a global view of the project as a director and work on a production design according to the aesthetics of the short film, and on the other, to think about what communication strategies we will carry out to sell or distribute the project.

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