Collective residences


From Monday, 15 November 2021 to Sunday, 21 November 2021

Tarragona (Catalunya)


Born in China, she’s from Tarragona and she’s currently studying in Barcelona. Lian Subirat Domènech (1999) has graduated from Pompeu Fabra University in Audiovisual Communication, where she still continues her studies transversely with a Minor in Humanistic Studies of Literature. Her film “Aya”, initiated within the framework of a Final Degree Project, is in post-production. It is a very collective and intimate project, which includes childhood, education and nature. Lian loves fiction in all its formats and she is a defender of culture in general. At the moment, she has her eye on audiovisual pedagogy.


During one week, I will take part in the Residència Connecta, a Cinema Lliure initiative supported by the Institut Ramon Llull and Farberllul, in Palma de Mallorca. This will be a cinema learning space where the main objective is to develop a collective short film proposal. Alongside the other residents, we’ll receive a series of masterclasses and assistance in order to help us make a pitch in front of industry professionals by the end of the stay.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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