Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 22 November 2021 to Thursday, 2 December 2021

Poet, artist and translator
Barcelos, Portugal


Sandra Santos (Barcelos, Portugal, 1994) is a poet, writer, teacher, translator and proofreader. She holds a degree in Languages and International Relations (University of Porto) and a Master's degree in Publishing (University of Aveiro). She is involved in social, cultural, artistic and literary projects. Her poems, texts and translations are published in books, anthologies, magazines and blogs in Portugal, Spain, Latin America and the United States. His first poetry book, "Ether" (2018), was selected by a program by the Camões Institute to be published in Portuguese and in Spanish in Brazil and Mexico. Her second poetry book, "Silent", was recently published in Brazil in Portuguese and Spanish. As a guest poet from Portugal, she has participated in several book fairs, literary festivals and events around the world. A lover of travels, landscapes, mysteries, the magic of the real, she continues to be dazzled by the visible and the invisible.


Starting from the narration of my Spiritual Awakening process, I intend to create a literary project that inspires people to enter the journey of personal development, combining that with their intrinsic talents and gifts in order to make their existence as extraordinary as possible.


Living a literary, creative, artistic and cultural immersion experience in the beautiful Catalan city of Olot produces in me a state of deep gratitude, joy and emotion. It is a dream come true to have had the opportunity to get a scholarship at the Faberllull Olot residence and enjoy the wonderful stay at the Riu Fluvià Hotel and the unique, unforgettable landscapes of Olot. My heart is moved by such beauty. So much identification my being generated walking the autumnal streets with Christmas lights of magic Olot. With each step, with each glimpse, with each smell, with each conversation, my senses sharpen, and everything is saved to, later, become poetry. Such have been my days in this poetic retreat where silence is the conductor in this wonder of beauty. My literary project “My Spiritual Awakening” is taking shape as I discover myself in every detail, outline and horizon that life in Olot provides. The city is a well-kept secret among the mountains, just as we are amazed by the cycles of seasons, the movement of days and nights, so the divine Creation is amazed by the human Creation that we try to unite and extend through Art. As the Brazilian Elis Regina sang: “Living is better than dreaming”, and here, in Olot, living and writing are synonymous of dreaming.

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