Individual residencies / Olot


From Tuesday, 23 November 2021 to Saturday, 27 November 2021

Playwright and theater director.


He has written more than forty theatrical texts, including: Alguns dies d’ahir, (La Villarroel, 2021), Gazoline (Teatro Conde Duque, 2019), Valenciana, reality is not enough (Teatre Principal Valencia, 2019), The dance of vengeance (La Villarroel, 2019), Jauría (Kamikaze Pavón Teatro, 2019), Mala broma/Bad Joke (Muntaner Room, 2018), Port Arthur (2016, Grec Festival), Idiota (Muntaner, 2015), Vilafranca (Teatres Amics / Teatre Lliure 2015), Ruz-Bárcenas (Teatro del Barrio, 2014), A Catalan Story (TNC, 2011/2013).

He has been awarded with: 2020 Max Award for the best theatrical show for JAURÍA. 2020 Max Award for the best adaptation or theatrical version for JAURÍA. Leonardo Grant from the BBVA Foundation 2018 for VALENCIANA. Butaca Award for the best theater text of 2016 for VILAFRANCA. 2012 City of Barcelona Theater Award for PÀTRIA. Butaca Award for the best theater text of 2011 for UNA HISTÒRIA CATALANA.


I am going to work on a play about the political management of the coronavirus pandemic. The work will try to create a parallel between the research to discover the vaccine against covid and the steps that society must take to eradicate another contemporary epidemic, the growing disinformation, breeding ground of fascism.

The stay at Faber has been as profitable as the two previous ones. The objective that I had set for these days in Olot was to make definitive decisions about the theatrical project. I have been proposed the task of writing a play that radiographs the political management of the pandemic. The ramifications and the different stories that emerge from it are multiple and I am looking forward to days of concentration, reflection and introspection, which offer me the residence at the Faber, to discard paths that could be interesting but that were not core and to determine what is the thrust of the work that awaits me in the coming months. This will be the third play I start writing at the Faber, after Mala Broma and Alguns Dies d'Ahir, two plays that have given me a lot of joy in their staging and that, moreover, have had and will have more life in other languages. IMMUNITAT, the name of the project at this time, will be a work focused on observing those decisive decisions that led to serious and tragic situations and that could happen again in the future, even if not in the context of a pandemic. We have been shaken during these last two years and we have been shaken as a society and as individuals. An accidental situation has shown some of the weaknesses, or the shamefulness, that we have been admitting to ourselves. The temptation for the near future is to continue to hide those traits that we do not like about ourselves. The aim of this work is to avoid this gesture that only ends up being harmful.

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