Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 25 October 2021 to Friday, 29 October 2021


Emanuele has been working in the arts since 1997. He invented a career in experimental theatre using arts and intercultural tools. He collaborated as an external expert in the Master 'Social Theater' at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", the European University of Rome, and Beirut University. He directed 3 immersive shows in 2019: "Open Doors", "Journeys", and "ACAB". 'La Ventana" in 2018. He worked as a performer in the show “El Hilo de Ariana” by Enrique Vargas of Teatro de los sentidos. He directed "Locked" in 2017. ‘The Fool’ in 2016. He performed in ‘Augenblick - The instant of the possible’, the first immersive performance in Rome in 2015. He directed "Ship of Fools" and "P45" in 2014. His work is deeply inspired by the cities in which he lives. Emanuele lived in Napoli, Benevento, Berlin, Rome, Rye-Isle of Wight, Birmingham, London, Madrid, and Barcelona.


I am going to develop the dramaturgy of the show ‘Pequeño Monje’. A performance for one actress that tackles the ‘inner perturbations’ that many human beings have and cannot face or accept as part of their being.

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