Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 20 September 2021 to Monday, 27 September 2021


Paola Tarantino is an italian actress and performer she is Graduate of the International Theatre Academy of Rome and and works in national and international theater productions since 2000. She deals with dramaturgy and has directed several theatrical shows in Italy from 2012 to today. Currently lives in Barcelona and collaborates with Terremoto_Perfomance and and founded his own performing shadow theatre company "El teatro de los Hechizos".


My project here at Faber is to create dramaturgy and performative action to continue with the creation process that concerns the theatrical performance " The small monk". For me it is very important to create a new sequence of suggestions within a score that is unfinished to date. The physical actions, sound and images are the most significant elements of the show. I will use exercises of improvisation and movement, finding the way to use it interchangeably and as if it were a prism to explain the spatial dimension where the spectacle takes place. Another element in my work is the sound composition, that included narration, emotional states, music and abstract sounds . In the project "the little monk" the soundscape is tangible presence, is the other character who reacts and lives with the actress on stage. The physical score of my performance will be affected moment by moment by a repetitive minimalist music that we will work remotely with the musician with whom I collaborate.

Reconnecting with the Wild Artist

Talking about my experience at the Faberllul Residency in Olot is like talking about a reconnection with something very intimate and wild. After lots of patience and a long struggle to once again have the time and space to create after a very complex year and a half due to the pandemic and after a very intense summer of work, Olot has been the perfect space to reconnect with my real creative needs. The powerful natural surroundings of the Garrotxa region, the company of other artists from other places and cultures around the world, the constant exchange and, at the same time, the silence and space to write without distractions, all of this has allowed me to create order within my chaos and to see how much lies within me, ready to create new plays, essays and stories.

The focus towards the conclusion of the suggested project gave me a burst of energy, without the stress of having a deadline or a presentation, leaving me with the enjoyment of continuing to discover where the narrative's red thread wanted to take me.

Another gift from this beautiful human and artistic experience was the chance to reconnect with teaching. Being able to go back to sharing my tools with other artists, through my body and real gestures, has been very important for me, listening to the profound desire to once again give workshops on interpretation and movement and voice.

The experience was even more beautiful thanks to the splendid welcome given to us by AGT’s management team at the El Galliner space in the city of Girona.

I am very grateful to the Faberllull AGT team and to all of my fellow artists for this week of reconnection with my creative being, which is now more relaxed, willing and open to a more specific and deeper development of arguments.

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