Collective residencies / Be (P)Art. Grow with Arts / Olot


From Friday, 1 October 2021 to Friday, 8 October 2021

Cultural producer
Tarragona (origin) and Barcelona (residence)


Pol Guasch (Tarragona, 1997) is a poet and member of the cultural production company La Sullivan. He earned an undergraduate degree in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature (University of Barcelona), holds a master’s degree in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identity (UB), and he completed the Independent Studies Program at MACBA. He has been an associate professor of literature and cultural critique at the UB and is currently researching contemporary theory and literature at King’s College London, thanks to a grant.
He has published the novel Napalm al cor, winner of the Premi Llibres Anagrama 2021. He has published the poetry collections Tanta gana and La part del foc and has recited his poems at various national and international festivals, including Barcelona Poesia, the Sant Cugat International Poetry Festival, Poesia i +, the Festival of Hope, and the Poetry Festival Alguén que respira! among others.


How can you create a novel that defies hegemonic structures and adopts the ideal form to represent the present? What are the languages that must appear in it? What novels exist that, with their formal proposal, have been able to represent the problems and conflicts of a plural, contradictory society that lives in a period of permanent crisis?

With this project I want to create a hybrid novel, the result of a process of research and investigation in various fields that also involves a process of writing in a broad sense in order to create a new artistic device that allows us to think about the present in a different way.

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