Collective residences


From Friday, 15 October 2021 to Friday, 22 October 2021

Senior Scientist at CNRS
Orléans, France


Bruno Scaillet is a field geologist by training, who did his PhD on the High Himalayas leucogranites, which form the roots of the highest peaks in this moutain range. He then moved on to learn experimental petrology, and applied this approach for a quantitative understanding of magmatic processes, including volcanic eruptions. To this end he has worked on several emblematic eruptive centers and eruptions, such as Vesuvius, Santorini, Pinatubo, in order to define the source conditions of the volcanic phenomena, in particular the pressure and temperature of magma storage (depth of reservoir). He has also paid attention to the amount and role of volatiles (water, CO2, sulfur, halogens) present in the reservoir and released by the explosive eruptions into the atmosphere and how do they compare with independent estimates (ice cores, satellite..).


I could give a seminar on the theme of volcanoes and their impact on atmosphere composition. I wish to participate by giving lectures to the special curse driven by Pr Joan Marti at Olot on Volcanology. This is a school attended mostly by spanish-speaking individuals, mostly from South America, but not only. I aim also to work with Pr Joan Marti on the end product of a project to which we participate which is aimed at strenghening the links between volcanologists and civil protection agencies in charge of volcano hazards.

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