Collective residences


From Tuesday, 2 November 2021 to Friday, 12 November 2021

Scrip writer and Director


El kheyer Zidani is a director and producer born in Algeria. He has already Directed and produced several short films: Ma Vie, Amezgun Amaziy, Protest Camp, Nice Very Nice, Humana Participated in numerous international film festivals such as the Arab Film Festival of Rotterdam (2010) and Cinémed Montpellier 2018 and Vue d´Afrique Montreal 2018 ert International Documentary Film Festival “Aegean Docs” 2014 and 2018 Greece. Luxor African Film Festival 2018. He won several prizes: Jury Prize at the Luxor African Film Festival 2018 “short film competition” Jury Prize at the documentary film festival “Aegean Docs” 2018 and best short documentary at the Festival du short film by Kef, Tunisia 2019 and nominated for the African Movie Academy Awards.


I am a scriptwriter and director of documentaries, I am working on my new project which will be a documentary feature film and I am in the rewriting and development phase of this project. The project will have the same theme of linguistic rights and as an Algerian we have a native language, Amazigh or Berber, which we defend as an official language in Algeria along with Arabic, which is an official language here. And as an Algerian filmmaker I defend this native language by using it in my films and telling stories about the Berber people, who make up 80% of the population of Algeria.

In the faberllull Olot residency it will be a very good opportunity to rewrite and develop the project and the proposals for the Amazigh language to promote it through art in general and films especially.

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