Collective residences


From Friday, 15 October 2021 to Friday, 22 October 2021

Researcher at the Earth Science Institut Orléans
Orléans (France)


Joan Andújar is a full researcher at the Institut de Sciences de la Terre d'Orléans (ISTO-CNRS) in France. He is a doctor in Geology-Volcanology from the University of Barcelona and completed his PhD at Geosciences Barcelona. Permanently in France since 2008, his research is mostly focused on the understanding of deep volcanological processes from an experimental point of view.  He simulates these processes in experimental devices  allowing to reproduce the high pressure (up to 30 km in depth) and high temperature (up to 1300ºC) conditions of magma chambers that operate below volcanic edifices. The results of these experiments allow to understand how magmas are generated deep in the crust-mantle, how they are stored in magma chambers, how these evolve to potentially hazardous compositions and why once at surface, these erupt in a explosive or non-explosive way. The results of his research have significatively improved the knowledge concerning volcanic systems like Canary Islands, Santorini, Tungurahua (Ecuador), Erebus (Antartica) and other volcanic  systems around the world. 


During my stay, I will participate to a series of different social events that will be held in Olot during these days. In detail, I will be intensively involved in the International Course of Volcanology that will be held in this city, by teaching about the study of magma generation, accumulation and ascent processes via an experimental approach. I will be part of the group of international experts in volcanology from Iceland, Mexico, France and Spain that will  give  a series of conferences addressed to the public in general for discussing about the role of volcanoes in our modern society and how these are perceived by the population. Moreover, within the framework of an international project I will  be working with the aforementioned colleagues on the different topics associated to the project and proceed with the redaction of different collaborative scientific papers 

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