Collective residences


From Monday, 17 May 2021 to Monday, 31 May 2021

Director, screenwriter
Barcelona (Catalonia)


Irene Moray (1992) is a photographer and filmmaker from Barcelona. In 2012 she moves to Berlin directs her first fiction short film: Bad Lesbian.
After four years in Germany, she decides to return to her hometown where she has shot her next short film as a writer and director: Suc de síndria
(Watermelon Juice) premiered at Berlinale Shorts, nominee for European Film Awards and winner of the Goya Academy Award for Best Short Film.
Her debut feature film Beauty has been selected at the Residency of the Spanish Academy of Cinema and at TIFF Filmmaker Lab for which she has
received the TIFF Filmmaker Lab Fellowship.


We are going to be working in the script of Beauty, my first feature as both director and screenwriter. The premise of the film is that women are disappearing. As in the world we live in, where female bodies vanish and oftentimes this is not even carried on the news. In Beauty, I add a spark of magic realism: women become transparent little by little until they finally disappear.

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