Collective residencies / Cinema- Script writing I / Olot


From Monday, 17 May 2021 to Monday, 31 May 2021



In 2018 she graduates at ESCAC specialized in screenwriting and with three final degree projects: Ama by Júlia de Paz (MECAL 2019), No Me Despertéis by Sara Fantova (Rotterdam 2019) and Te Busco en Todos by Celia Giraldo (D’A 2019). The following year, after making an internship as a script analist in Filmax, she writes two more short films: Marleni, not Marlen by Carmen Aumedes (Bogoshorts 2020) and Miserable yo by Águeda Sánchez (Abycine 2020). In 2019, she complements her studies at Columbia University, in New York; and, again, at ESCAC, where she starts the Opera Prima’s master; from where she begins to develop develop the film Jone, a veces by Sara Fantova. She takes the final step in the feature film with Ama, by Júlia de Paz; about to premiere. In 2020 she writes the short film Harta, also with Júlia de Paz, and the film Festina Lente with Carlos Villafaina; both projects under the production company Mayo Films.


I hope that our stay in Faberllull Olot will serve us to have the opportunity to develop the first dialogue version of the film we are creating with Carlos Villafaina: Festina Lente. A story that talks about functional diversity and the disease that surrounds the lives of two brothers. A story of dependence, sacrifice and guilt. Currently, we have developed a treatment of which we are proud and we want to dedicate our stay to transforming it into a script. We want to start drawing the scenes from the concretion and discover how the characters dialogue with each other. In addition to being able to count on the advice and support of professionals who can help us improve and concretize the project.


The stay at Faberllull has meant a before and after in the development of our film. We have been able to share the project with the other scriptwriters and this has helped to nurture everyone's stories. It has created a community of creation and a bond between all of us that has made the projects grow even more. We have been able to have the time, the space and the comfort to get into the film without any other worries, and that is why it has been such a fruitful stay. Faberllull is an indispensable space for the development of projects, especially film projects, as there is nothing else like it in Spain. We are very grateful for the opportunity we have been given and proud to have been able to make the most of it. We hope to come back another time, as our stay was unbeatable.

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