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From Monday, 24 January 2022 to Friday, 28 January 2022

Educational anthropologist and Managing Director at


Mie Guldbæk Brøns works as a researcher and consultant in innovative learning environments. The past ten years she has been studying physical spaces and social behaviour, mainly in educational settings. With background in teaching in primary and secondary school and a M.Ed in Educational Anthropology she does in depth research on teachers' collaboration and the interdependency with physical space. Her observations often take place in innovative learning environments that has an emphasis on 21st Century learning. She studies schools globally looking at the connection between spaces and pedagogical approaches. She works in several international networks concerned with the development of the physical and/or social aspects of educational environments.


Covid-19 has impacted education around the world as it has forced schools to alter their physical, social and pedagogical educational framework. At Faber, we (an interdisciplinary and international team based in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Spain) will be discussing and comparing how schools in Catalonia, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium have adapted to this situation. How have schools changed physically and how did this affect educational and social practices? The aim of our project is to create knowledge from the current school situation during the pandemic that will benefit school development in the future.

This was my second time at Faberllull (Olot) and again it was a very inspirational time where a lot of work was produced. Despite COVID-19 splitting our group, making us a hybrid project which spent most of our time in front of a screen. In relation to COVID-19, I can say that I felt completely safe living and working in the hotel. The best thing about Faber is the people you meet there. Unfortunately there were no one other than us the time we were working but fortunately on the last day we met Arantza Lacasa, a local art teacher at Institut Josep Brugulat. We have been in contact since and are talking about what collaboration we might be able to engage in. The physical surroundings are so inspiring for someone coming from flat Denmark and the air is very different from city air, this really helps me think with new perspectives. Talking with professional people from morning to late evening is an amazing opportunity which takes weeks to unfold when back home in the office.

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