Collective residences


From Tuesday, 19 April 2022 to Tuesday, 3 May 2022

PhD Researcher


Andrea is a Quechua-descendent Peruvian PhD candidate in the University of British Columbia. Andrea holds a B.Sc. in Forestry Engineering and a diploma on Environmental Management, Quality, and Auditing both from Peru’s National Agrarian University of La Molina, and a M.Sc. in interdisciplinary studies from Canada’s University of British Columbia.

Andrea has been invited by community members to form an alliance with the Asheninka and Yine Peoples, two Pueblos Originarios in the Peruvian Amazon. She is a part of a pluri-cultural research team, which is also formed by María Shuñaqui and Miriam Perez (both Asheninka community members); Raúl Sebastián and Judith Canayo (both Yine community members).

Using Indigenous theories and methodologies in a power-shared research, the research team is committed to conduct collaboratively community-led projects to address their concerns and desired futures. Currently they are conducting a project called ‘RESPECT-AMAZONIA.’

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Ana Elia Ramón Hidalgo, Magdalena Ugarte, Sara Ortiz Escalante and I will gather during our stay at Faber to think collectively and discuss about the most relevant learnings accumulated throughout our personal, academic and professional trajectories, accounting for contextual differences, so as to highlight common and other relevant challenges under the umbrella of the Social Justice-oriented grassroots work. We will approach this dialogue in an intersectional, pluriparadigmatic and interdisciplinary way and we will transpose these reflections in an publication.

During our stay, we will also co-facilitate a series of local experiences to make visible current social justice barriers, as well as to further weave intercontinental solidarity.

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