Collective residencies / Science, technology and humanities or science and digital humanities? / Olot


From Monday, 12 April 2021 to Friday, 23 April 2021

PhD candidate researcher
Barcelona (Catalunya)


Humanist and nurse. Deeply interested in both philosophy and scientific research, she combines her different areas of expertise to analyse the relationship between ethics, politics, art and health. Currently, she is taking her PhD in political and moral philosophy based on care ethics and how artistic and cultural agents can participate in shaping other nets of life sustainability. 
Poet and singer, she loves to explore all forms of experimentation through sound, word and image. As an author, she has published four books and has collaborated in different anthologies and literary journals. 

Wave, knit what generates emotion and, after a moment of joy, dynamite everything to create again, from the margin. Her premise: against chains, art and rebellion. 


Health can't be reduced to its biological perspective and to healthcare systems. On the contrary, it needs a holistic approach that takes into account different voices and agents. In this sense, humanities can have a key role. The aim of this project is to rethink the fundamental question: which kind of life do we want to live? and use care ethics to stablish an alternative model for public policies and ethical values that involve interdependency, solidarity and social justice. In this context, Arts in Health can be seen as an opportunity for cultural institutions to be health agents. 

The collective stay at the Faberllulll Olot has been a gift. After months of closed research dynamics at home, video conferencing activities and limited space to share ideas in the middle of development, the two weeks of residency have been a breath of fresh air, in a metaphorical and literal sense.

The volcanoes of Olot became the places to walk in the evening and tidy up thoughts; the flowering fields of rapeseed, with horses here and there, what to greet every morning from the balcony of the room. And above all, silence. The breaking of the frantic rhythms of the big city allows us to adapt to the tempo of the search, which is still a ruminating, chewing, tasting experiments until they take shape.

However, what has made the experience truly enriching has been the sense of community; the fact of sharing, from varied but related disciplines, theoretical and practical has generated dynamics of exchange, of raising doubts and clearing possible paths. And I'm grateful. The warmth of feeling that the research is shared, each looking at the complex reality from a particular angle, conditioned by a life journey sometimes random, and at the same time linked to that of the companions is what gives meaning to a stay like this.

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