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From Monday, 19 April 2021 to Friday, 23 April 2021

Researcher and Musictherapist
Sabadell (Catalunya)


Víctor García is musictherapist and researcher, holds a Degree in Occupational Therapy (UAB) and a Master in Musictherapy (UVic), and is a member of the TransMedia Catalonia research team at the UAB. He participated in the international exchange program in Rosario (Argentina), working in a community rehabilitation service and in an equinotherapy center. He is currently studying a Master in Social Intervention in Knowledge Societies (UNIR).
He has worked on various social, artistic and community projects in the social field, in occupational centers, civic centers, nursing homes, social centers and hospitals. He has collaborated and coordinated various adapted holiday programs, socio-labor insertion, inclusive volunteering, promotion of autonomy, accessibility and quality of life, in various areas (leisure, elderly, children, mental health, functional diversity). Victor organizes activities and workshops of creative music, musictherapy and social skills for people of all ages. At the same time, he collaborates in the audio description service at Liceu Opera Barcelona.


Representing the European project MEDIAVERSE (GA 957252), the TransMedia Catalonia research group (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), proposes an activity to explore how new technologies can contribute to social development. Virtual reality and 360º videos have now become part of everyday life. The aim of the activities scheduled for the residency is to explore how multimedia content, together with the co-creation process itself, can contribute to solving social challenges; such as isolation, accessibility and social exclusion. Through practical and reflection activities, participants will be able to understand the potential of new technologies, and experiment with them creatively.


The TransMedia Catalonia research group from UAB which aims at audiosivual translation and media accessibility. Currently, one of the fields where to group is focusing its research is on accessible immersive content, also known as 360 videos. This research is being conducted under two European funded projects: MediaVerse and Traction (GA. No 957252 i 870610). 

At the time of considering participating in the FABERLLULL we saw it as an opportunity to meet and share our knowledge with other researchers in order to seek synergies. Once the proposal was accepted and we started detailing the activities we saw that this residence had much more potential. FABERLLULL is an opportunity to decontextualize regular work and generate new research challenges. On the one hand, the contact with other residents bring discussions, either spontaneous or within the various activities organized by the participants. This interaction helps to visualize the work from different perspectives, bringing a very enriching and refreshing reflection process. 

On the other hand, the return activities have provided the perfect context for sharing and learning with diverse groups of citizens. In this case, the activities organized have served to bring together new authoring tools to create immersive content, which are still unknown to many people. During the exchange, many ideas, questions and knowledge have been generated that have certainly given a boost to our research. 

This experience would not be possible without the support and follow-up offered by the staff at FABERLLULL Olot. From the very early interaction, they have supported and facilitated the whole process in a very professional way. This support is even better during the stay, with personalized treatment and follow-up. They managed to create a small family in a very short time and contributed to the perfect development of all activities and effective problem solving. The hospitality at the hotel and the landscape are the culmination of a very well managed residence. 

A stay at the FABERLLULL is an opportunity that any researcher can take great advantage of, and that we highly recommend. 

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