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From Monday, 12 April 2021 to Friday, 23 April 2021

Performing Arts Creator
Girona (Catalunya)


With an infinite desire to create and communicate from different languages like body, music and words, she decided to go deep into the exciting world of arts and graduate in Performing Arts at the ERAM University School (2021, Salt, Girona). She has been an actress and a singer in the Oriart theatre company (2017-2019) in the play "Cabaret Passion Rouge", exhibited throughout Catalonia and in the International Festival "Olga Alonso" in Cuba. She has also acted in several music videos, such as "L'amor que fem" by El Diluvi. 

She was a radio collaborator on the FeM Girona channel in the program "La Tropa" (2017), carrying out the activism section and music performances (singing and playing the guitar). She created a theatre musical play for the Girona theater festival El Cacau. She has studied various disciplines such as circus, music (musical language, guitar and piano) and painting and joined cultural and social organizations in Girona, such as Diables de l'Onyar and Cau de Sant Narcís.


Our theatrical research project reflects on the relationship between time, art and ecofeminism. Our goal is to explore subversive spaces that aim to escape the acceleration of capitalist, neoliberalism and patriarchy. At the same time, we criticise the paradigm of cultural and creative industries, investigating the influence of the logics of productivism and hypertechnology on artistic creation, as well as its temporality.

During our stay at Faberllull, through Arts-based research, we will alternate theoretical research with artistic practice, creating a spiral of feedback between the two. This research process will result in a trans-disciplinary theatre play in which, through body, words and music, we are going to share the discoveries we made along the way and transform it into a collective artistic experience. 


The stay at the FaberLlull has been a very fruitful experience for us. The possibility of sharing our research with other people whose research is related to ours has allowed us to weave connections and deepen our research. The exchange of references, stories, knowledge and readings with the other residents has generated a collective space for table discussions, recommendations and feedback that has enriched both our theoretical and practical work and the coexistence during the stay. Thus, during these two weeks we have been able to apply the theoretical reflections to the stage piece in which we are working while reflecting on the needs of representation of the contemporary individual in function of his political, economic and social present. In parallel, we have drawn a first proposal for structuring the stage elements. We also worked on the interpretation of the scenes and completely finished the dramaturgy of the play. At the same time, we have been carrying out the sound design of the play as well as the ideation of the set design. Our stay at the FaberLlull, as part of the call for Science, Technology and Humanities, has allowed us to work in depth on our project in a bucolic place where the views from the window of a Garrotxa dyed yellow rapeseed they bathed in tranquility and reaffirmed our theoretical claims about ecofeminist and aproductivist temporal logics.

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