Collective residences


From Monday, 12 April 2021 to Friday, 23 April 2021

Performing Arts Creator
Tarragona (Catalunya)


Artistic expression has been a driving force for Dolça Alcanyís throughout her life, allowing her to pursue many interests in a wide range of fields with curiosity and dedication; she obtained a Performing Arts degree from the ERAM University (2021), a Professional degree at the Conservatory of Music of Tarragona in violin and singing (2017), and is also passionate about illustration and languages – she studied French, English, Chinese and Catalan Sign Language.

Dolça has experience both as performer and singer in film and theatre, and has been influenced particularly by directors such as Maria García Vera, Xicu Masó, Emily Mast or Maria Pau Pigem.

She sees theater as a disruptive space in which social injustices are highlighted and questioned, which is why she strives to construct and promote critical identities from a feminist, ecological, inclusive perspective, both in children and young people’s educations and theatre teaching. 


Our theatrical research project reflects on the relationship between time, art and ecofeminism. Our goal is to explore subversive spaces that aim to escape the acceleration of capitalist, neoliberalism and patriarchy. At the same time, we criticise the paradigm of cultural and creative industries, investigating the influence of the logics of productivism and hypertechnology on artistic creation, as well as its temporality.

During our stay at Faberllull, through Arts-based research, we will alternate theoretical research with artistic practice, creating a spiral of feedback between the two. This research process will result in a trans-disciplinary theatre play in which, through body, words and music, we are going to share the discoveries we made along the way and transform it into a collective artistic experience. 

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