Invidual residences


From Monday, 1 March 2021 to Monday, 8 March 2021

Artist (director, actress, singer), performance studies researcher.
Pla de l'Estany


Elvira Prado-Fabregat is an artist, philologist, and performance studies researcher. She studied Catalan and English at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and English Literature and French at the University of Edinburgh. She then went to the University of Bristol to study as a postgraduate researcher in the Department of Drama, where she completed her MPhil. From a young age, she has worked as an actress and singer in many theatre, tv shows and films. She is currently working on the project 'Més lloc per a la fosca', which will be a postdramatic musical. The show belongs to a broader project that includes academic research, primary and secondary school workshops, as well as adult workshops, and community engagement. As a researcher, she will soon resume her PhD research at the University of Barcelona. 


During my stay at Faber, I am going to work mainly on the dramaturgy of the show 'Més lloc per a la fosca', which is a coproduction by Girona City Council, La Fira de la Mediterrània, and the Festival De llegendes. For the dramatic composition of this postdramatic musical, I am using, on the one hand, written work from the "cicle ombrívol" by Víctor Català and, on the other hand, traditional songs gathered in 'El cançoner de l'Empordà' and 'L'Obra del Cançoner', and in manuscripts by the author from l'Escala. For this postdramatic composition, I am also researching songs from the Girona province area available on the digital cançoner 'Càntut'. I will also be researching on postdramatic strategies to compose shows of a similar nature. 

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