Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 1 March 2021 to Monday, 8 March 2021

Art Historian, Tour guide
Albons (Girona, Catalonia)


Degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona (2004), conducted Erasmus at the University of Bologna, Italy, in the performing arts department (2004); has completed the Master’s Degree in Theater Studies from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (2020). She has notions of Cultural Management and Cultural Marketing from a course at the UNED (2012) and a course in theater production at the Sala Atrium in Barcelona (2009). She is a self-employed entrepreneur, has worked as a tourist guide and is the creator of educational, cultural and theatrical routes. Currently working in collaboration with a network of European guides and creating links for the promotion and execution of cultural tourism, respectful with the environment and lthe ocal communities. At the same time, the research work initiated during the Master's degree continues active with a focus on the performing arts carried out in unconventional spaces.


First of all, the phase of the project we want to develop in situ in Olot is composed by actions in which we seek to establish heterogeneous dialogues with the population; convinced that it is necessary to investigate the diversity of points of view to generate archives of memory, which will also be heterogeneous and fragmented. We are interested to chat with people of various professions and ages who, from their particularities, have been related to the Sismògraf Festival . Secondly, the final action we want to reach with this research is the realization of audio-guided routes which will happen inside the public space of Olot. With these audio-guides the spectators of the festival, and especially the citizens of Olot, will evoke their own memory of the festival, their own daily life as people walking around Olot and its surroundings. By means of "audio guides" those sensitive memories that we record and that therefore arise from the citizens/public, will return to the streets of Olot connecting to the experiences of others bodies that will be made present through their voices. We seek to generate memory and archive of the festival and its multiple audiences involved.

A room of our own to relate to Olot

The stay during this time in the residence offered by Faber Llull in Olot has been a great contribution to our project Un peu davant l'altre; thanks to this support we have been able to concentrate for a week in a place where we have had a working space to deepen the dramaturgical creation of our experience. Undoubtedly, this contribution has made it easier for us to develop our interviews with different people from the community of Olot; this is why we believe that the experience of the residency contributed significantly in establishing close links between our proposals and the community of this place.

The fact of having a comfortable space, around a natural environment and with the facilities that we have been offered such as having someone to take care of part of the food and cleaning, and being able to use common spaces such as the living room and the office have allowed us to dedicate this time to deepen and question the objectives that we have in the design of this performative project.

We consider the possibility of sharing with other residents to be a great advantage, as it was through this constant exchange that we were able to permeate other ideas and understand possible cultural connections that have broadened our perceptions of this project.

Both the staff of the hotel where the residence is located and Faber's managers were very generous and took care of every detail so that we felt welcome and could develop the entire schedule of activities that we had planned.

We have enjoyed very much this time there and we hope to be able to share with you soon the result of this process that has had a great impulse thanks to your support. Thank you very much and see you soon.

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