Collective residences


From Monday, 18 January 2021 to Friday, 29 January 2021

Deputy Registrar General / Independent Researcher
Charsadda (el Pakistan)


Ms Ansa Javed Khan is working on a senior administrative position of Deputy Registrar (General) in the University of Faisalabad, Health Sciences Wing. Born in a town of Utmanzai, District Charsadda - a male dominated Patriarchal Pashtun Society- she manged obtaining higher level studies and settled on a University job. She remained a Leslie Kirkley Visitor (2019) at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, the University of Oxford. which deepend her interest in identifying the issues of well-being of the Marginalized people such as elderly people. She is further a recipient of 'Hard Working Scholar Certificate (2018)' due to her outstanding performance in the Young Sinologist Program by the Ministry of Republic of China in collaboration with Jinan University, China. She set an institutional trend for 'Oral Presentation' as she was the first employer of Women University Mardan, who presented her paper in the International Conference of European Congress on Economic Issues (2017). She received an Appreciation Shield (2017) in the International Conference held on Marginalization & Social Exclusion in the Perspective of Market Economy. In addition to her administrative responsibilities she is always volunteer herself by working closely with communities to obtain insights into issues related to their development and marginalization.


To investigate the post pandemic impact of COVID-19 on the poor segment of community especially on the elderly ones with aspects of nature and extent of poverty, poor health and lack of social connectedness in the rural and impoverished areas. The three basic dimensions of the project are:

1. Family dynamics and possible tensions around the provision of support during the pandemic of Covid-19.

2. Rising trends of poverty and new set of challenges for elderly population in the wake of Covid-19

3. Poor health and vulnerabilities of elderly people and how they cope with the pandemic.

Further, I would like to practice the development of data collection instruments of the project through community visit and meeting with influential stakeholders by strictly adhering to the legal & safety protocols of Catalonia.

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