Individual residencies / Andorra


From Wednesday, 7 July 2021 to Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Literary translator from Spanish to Polish
Warsaw (Poland)


Marta Jordan is a translator and popularizer of the Spanish and Latin American literature in Poland. Her activities date from the 70’s of the XX century when she won the First Prize in the National Competition of Literary Translation, for the translation of three short stories by Julio Cortázar. From that time, his works have become one of her main interests, together with the creation of other contemporary writers such as Isabel Allende, Antonio Skármeta and Carlos Montero. Another field of her activity is the Spanish drama by Juan Mayorga and José Sanchis Sinisterra whose plays she has been translating and promoting in Poland for more than twenty years. As a member of the Polish Literary Translators Association she frequently participates in seminars and conferences in Poland and abroad. In 2019 the Polish Association of Authors ZAiKS awarded her the Literary Prize for outstanding achevements in the field of translation.


During my residency in Andorra I will translate the play Andorra by an excellent Catalan contemporary playwright, Jordi Casanovas, awarded in 2005 the First Prize Marques de Bradomin of XIX Competition of Theatral Texts by Young Authors. The play shows hesitations of some young people about their future and deals with the phenomenon of the lack of tolerance and exclusion which disabled persons suffer from the society, poiting especially out to their sentimental and sexual life, an unthinkable taboo for “healthy”and “normal” people.

The play contributes to change this actitude and that’s why I’d like to translate it.

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