Invidual residences


From Friday, 8 January 2021 to Thursday, 28 January 2021

Journalist, translator, writer


Daria Gavrilova is a journalist, translator and writer. She is originally from Moscow, Russia, but has been residing in Barcelona for almost a decade. In Russia she worked with various media. Among those are Kommersant, Afisha, Wonderzine, Meduza and many more. She also wrote several chapters for a non-fiction book, History of Russian Media 1989-2011, published in 2011 by Afisha publishing house.

In 2012 Daria moved to Spain, where she obtained a Masters in audiovisual journalism at Madrid's Complutense. She then moved to Barcelona, and in 2019 its non-fiction book about the city for the Russian-speaking audiences was published in Moscow by "Ripol" publishing house. The title of the book is "What is Barcelona? Beaches. Independence. Jamón". Right now she is teaching writing at Geneva Business School in Barcelona, as well as working freelance for the new journalist project about the possibility of meaningful reforms in Russia.


As my next project I want to write a book with the working title Putin’s wave of emigration. In this book I want to tell the stories of people who chose to leave Russia as a result of the repressive politics of Vladimir Putin, who has been in power for almost 20 years now. If all goes according to plan, in Faber Residency Andorra I would write a draft of the first chapter of the planned book. The first chapter the curios phenomenon of Russian emigration. When it comes to gender balance of the people migrating, it is either mostly male for the developing countries or roughly even for countries with stable economies, for Russia it is 70% women who leave. This proportion remains unchanged for every country Russians chose, except when it comes to migration to the territory of the former USSR. In Faber residency I would love to see this chapter come to life, investigating in detail the reasons behind such disproportion. Why do Russian women leave their country alone so much more often than men? I hope to come to the residency with several interviews already recorded, as well as conducting conversations over phone when at Faber. But more than anything I hope to find the structure and the questions that need answering in this chapter.

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