Collective residencies / Political violence and theatre in the 21st century / Olot


From Friday, 24 September 2021 to Friday, 1 October 2021

Full professor
Avignon (France)


Antonia Amo Sánchez is professor of Hispanic literature XXe and XXIe at the Université d'Avignon (France). Assistant director of the research group ICTT (Identité Culturelle, Texte et Théâtralité), she is also a founding member of the Roswita group (French network of researchers on contemporary Hispanic theater). She has specialized in the relations between history and memory in contemporary Spanish theater and, since her arrival in Avignon in 2009, she is also interested in the dialogue between theatrical languages and heritage sites.

In recent years he has devoted his research to the "theater of democratic memory" and, more recently, to concentrationary theater, directing her research towards contemporary readings of historical trauma. She currently directs the Master ‘Langues et Sociétés : Monde hispanique contemporain’ of the Université d'Avignon.


In the given framework, which is the study of political violence in the cultural-theatrical field, I will propose an approach to different notions related to the heritage of collective historical traumas. How, within this framework, can we review notions such as "post-memory" or "reparation of grievances". How contemporary Spanish and French theaters translate and dialectize such heritages.

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