Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 23 November 2020 to Monday, 30 November 2020

Sociologist. Creator and Manager of cultural events. Mg. Cultural Tourism, specialist in the management of intangible cultural heritage.


Lorena weaves her steps on earth in the body of a woman. Lorena was born in Colombia and trained as a Sociologist at the University of Caldas-Manizales, Colombia. Troubled by the mysteries hidden by ancestral knowledge and ancient cultures, Lorena undertook the path of research and management, managing to establish alliances with the Ministry of Culture of Colombia for the creation of different Cultural festivals in alliances with Colombian NGOs, generating Alternative spaces for the experimentation of the Being, opening the creation of the Festival Weaving Consciousness the Art that Feels, to which it has been dedicated for the last 5 years. Lorena did her postgraduate studies at the University of Girona in Cultural Tourism interweaving the academic and productivity vision with the human evolutionary vision from its great passions: plants, art, meditation and yoga. Lorena is the creator of the Tejidos Somos collective, coordinator and producer of the Festival Tejiendo Consciencia el Arte que Siente. It is part of the ONG Schools of Life as Cultural Manager and volunteer of the ONG Prodiversitas.


During 2021, the festival Tejiendo Consciencia el Arte que Sientes intends to travel through the symphonies of dawn, seeking to reflect, experience and interact with prophecies, ancient traditions, thoughts and practices in relation to dawn, managing to glimpse how these symphonies are composed to open up reflections on how from the present you can compose your own or integrate the old ones. For this reason, during my stay at Faber I seek to enter into the observation and introspection about the sunrise, to complement the feeling with the doing from the investigation and exploration of different traditions, to be able to give rise to the thematization of the third edition of the Festival Tejiendo Consciencia el Art that Feels, Symphonies of the Dawn.

 When the circular time of life is lost and the linear times of society force us to meet new times and the existence becomes squared, it becomes necessary to stop, breathe and observe again and this rhythmic space has been allowed by Faberllull, a space for the encounter with intimate and personal rhythms, with one's own needs and presence in them.

This is how I have lived my stay in Faberllull, a stay of intimate self-care to work from the essence that the Festival Weave Consciousness seeks to generate the art that feels. Faberllull has provided me with the space, shelter and care to give me time and space for creation, so I have managed to integrate the thematization of the Ibero-American Festival Tejiendo Consciencia 2021, Sinfonías del Amanecer.

Thank you Faberllull for believing in art, in our creative processes and for giving us the space to be art in motion.

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