Invidual residences


From Monday, 16 November 2020 to Monday, 23 November 2020



Ada Castells (Barcelona, 1968) is a Catalan writer. Her first novel is El dit de l’Àngel, a realistic and transgressive fiction about her Protestant ancestors, published when she was 27. In 2001 she published Mirada, a novel against the dictatorship of the image. Four years later comes Tota la vida, fictitious biography about German painter Caspar David Friedrich. The next one was Pura Sang: It is set in Minorca and Barcelona and is the story of a woman who is struggling to have no fear of anything. Then, she wrote La Primavera Pendent, a ficcion about Frankenstein, and her last book is Mare, the most autobiographical one, about the relationship with her mother and her daugther. Castells works also as a cultural journalist and as a professor of Creative Writing.


My goal during my stay in Faber is to continue with the project of a new novel about the escape from the city. Mein caracters are a family from Barcelona who isolates themselves in an abandoned farmhouse to leave the pandemic behind. Living a few days in a rural setting will allow me to go deeper into the feeling of being out of place. That is why I also want to make a public reading of the completed chapters and generate a debate on how the people of the region see this "invasion" of those who come from the city.