Invidual residences


From Monday, 23 November 2020 to Monday, 30 November 2020

Library direction (Biblioteca Trinitat Bella-J. Barbero de Barcelona)


Emma Armengod Martínez was born in Barcelona. She has a diploma in Librarianship and Documentation by the University of Barcelona. In 2004 she began to work for the Consorci Biblioteques de Barcelona, working in various libraries in the city until 2012 when she began to direct the Biblioteca Trinitat Vella - J. Barbero.

This library is characterized by carrying out educational and social work in one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Barcelona. This project has obtained awards and, most importantly, has made the library a benchmark equipment in the territory where it is located.

She has taken several courses in dramaturgy, the last ones in the Obrador of the Sala Beckett, and in the Faber she wants to finish the work that emerged in one of the last courses she has taken.


I come to Faber to try to order, rewrite and finish a play that has the working title of “While the streets burn”. After a new night of chaos and riots in the city, new arrests occur. While some parents observe them from diferent points of view, they realize that one of the detainees could be their daughter. But who is this girl that they don’t recognize or don’t want to recognize? Where does she get this anger towards the world and towards them? Why does she put them in this situation? Why precisely them?

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