Collective residencies / DANCE / Olot


From Sunday, 12 March 2017 to Saturday, 8 April 2017

Dancer and choreographer


Born in Huelva (Spain), Daniel Rosado is a member of Colectivo Lamajara. This organization of artists share a concern about body language and its possibilities of expression. It is formed by emerging artists, dancers and collaborators from other artistic disciplines. Lamajara organizes its work cooperatively, promoting dialogue and consensus toward a common methodology. The main objective is to support freedom of artistic expression, assisting in the production of free and eclectic creations.


During their stay at Faber, Paloma Hurtado and Colectivo Lamajara will develop on the project Labranza, produced by Raül Perales. From these artistic group meeting, it comes the restlessness need to question themselves where the essence of move should be found, through this new project inspired by the countryside tradition. Labranza uses the magic of those peasants, as a working progress tool, which through their body language and movements done on the earth that already inspired writer Muñoz Rojas in his poetry and French paintings of Jean-François Millet. The proposal aims to put on stage professional and social dance all together at once, approaching it with the conceptual and contemporary vision of the existing relationship between “man-landscape” and “dancer-body”: the countryside landscape embodied in our bodies’ geography and a constant comparative of two body types, which in their everyday modify everything surrounding.

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