Collective residences


From Tuesday, 12 September 2017 to Monday, 25 September 2017

Director of a music theatre
Helsinki (Finland)


Tiina Kristoffersson is director of a music theatre in Helsinki, Finland. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration and Economics. Since graduating in 1998 she has studied IP Law, Social Psychology, Literature, Theatre and New Media Management. In her work she focus on possibilities of creating projects in which theatre, music and activism can be combined for the common good.  

Besides working at the theatre she designs protestant prayer beads under a trademark The House of Kristoffer. The trademark stands for unique handmade ecumenical prayer beads and compassion bracelets, which aim to help the prayer calm down to the level of meditation and to grow their compassion towards all of God’s creation. The House of Kristoffer refers to a Greek name Kristoforos, which means Christ bearer. She wants to think that via her prayer beads and bracelets, the jewellery wearer carries Christ along with them. More information:


My love for arts and spirituality has led me to Faber Residency –and it is the connection between arts, spirituality and activism that I will be working on during my stay in the residency. Rosaries are normally not used in the Lutheran context. However, I think they have a lot to offer for a modern spiritual seeker. During my stay I will be writing an essay on how the prayer beads have affected by own spiritual development and the activism I practise both professionally and as a private citizen. The connection between arts and spirituality is an important part in my work.

What really makes the difference is the approach Faber Residency has when choosing participants

When I got the e-mail from Faber Residency telling that I had been selected as one of the participants of the Religious Beliefs program I felt like I was the luckiest person in the world. Imagine all that time time I could spend on my project without distraction, not to mention all those marvelous landscapes of Catalonia that I had seen on pictures and would now experience firsthand!

After getting to Olot I quickly realized that staying at Faber Residency would more than fulfill my expectations. Walking in the wonderful Autumn sunshine, surrounded by the magnificent Pyrenees was a unique experience and much appreciated “support system” for working and writing. But what really makes the difference is the approach Faber Residency has when choosing participants: Combining people from diverse disciplines and professional backgrounds around a specific theme creates a unique atmosphere of trust and creativity. After the first breakfast together with my new friends I felt deep feeling of gratitude for getting the opportunity of meeting intelligent, creative and passionate people arriving to Olot from the different corners of the world.

In our everyday life it’s very easy to get a tunnel vision for one’s work and projects. The best antidote to that is to change the physical place of working and getting to learn new people with interesting projects and generosity for sharing their ideas and thoughts on equal terms. I can nothing but admire all those brave people that have contributed to the creation of Faber Residency. Thank you city of Olot, Francesc Serés and Gavina Freixa for giving me the opportunity to broaden my horizons!

 “El que realment marca la diferència és l’enfocament que la Residència Faber té a l’hora de triar els seus participants”

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