Collective residencies / FEMINISMS / Olot


From Sunday, 29 October 2017 to Sunday, 5 November 2017

Psychotherapist, sexologist, pedagogue, trainer and writer
Valencia (Spain)


Graduated in Psychology and Pedagogy, and PhD in Psychology. Sexologist. She created a model of work that integrates psychology, sexology and education for the health, with a perspective of genre, clinical and community: reencounter therapy. She is the director of Therapy of Reencounter Institute, where she works with individuals, couples and groups. She runs two masters: Self-knowledge, Sexuality and Human Relationships in Reencounter Therapy, and Sexual Education for Community Health and Sexual Therapy.

President of Reencounter Therapy Foundation, non-profit organization for personal development, where projects of cooperation are developed. She is also a teacher in Spain and Latin America. She was professor at University of Valencia, co-founder of Sexology Society of Valencian Country and Association of Women for Health and Peace.

She published seven books, some of them are Psicoerotismo femenino y masculinoLos vínculos amorosos and Laberintos de la vida cotidiana.


During her stay at Faber she will begin to write a new book which synthesizes much of her work. A book that allows us to see that from other models of human relationship, the patriarchal social model was created that generates a type of human relations based on hierarchical relationships and domination or submission relationships, as a standardized model. She also are going to do two activities: an experiential, theoretical and practical workshop, titled “The affective ties for coexistence”.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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