Collective residences


From Wednesday, 10 January 2018 to Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Political scientist, PhD candidate and researcher
Catalonia, Andalusia and The Netherlands


Catalan (Tortosa, 1991). She lives between Catalonia, Andalusia and The Netherlands. Political scientist. Currently she is PhD candidate in Law at the University of Granada and external researcher at the Department of European and International Law of Maastricht University, specialized in fundamental rights. More specifically in artistic freedom. Her work examines the protection of artistic freedom in the European frame and the relationship between aesthetics and constitutional law. In particular, by looking at the conditions of this fundamental right: for and effects for the democracy in Europe; the possibilities for artists’ rights to be enhanced; as well as the links between arts, freedom and constitutional democracy development.


During my stay at Faber I will be working on an article on graffiti’s’ challenges. My aim is to contribute to the understanding of contemporary conflicts faced by this practice from an institutional perspective. Many cities around the world daily deal with the graffiti art. This reality present in the public sphere has some protection under artistic freedom. Therefore, communities and the normative treatment tend to be somehow more flexible with this activity. However, this artistic activity, such as any other activity, is not unlimited. Most of its limitation are located in the urban space. My study wishes to contribute to increase freedom and equality in an open city trough the analysis of the graffiti phenomenon.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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