Collective residencies / MATHEMATICS II / Olot


From Sunday, 25 February 2018 to Friday, 2 March 2018

Postdoc in Discrete Geometry
Berlin (originally from Quebec)


Jean-Philippe Labbé (1986) is a Canadian mathematician. He works in Berlin (Germany) since October 2016 at the Institute of Mathematics (Discrete Geometry) of the Freie Universität. His research concerns discrete geometry, and algebraic and enumerative combinatorics. One of his major topic of study is polytope theory: studying geometrical and combinatorial properties of polytopes, such as their number of faces, their volumes, their constructions, etc. He studied in Québec city, Montréal, Budapest, Moscow before doing his Ph.D. in Berlin, after which he worked as a researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem before returning to Berlin.


During my stay at Faber, I would like to finish documenting a part of the geometry package in Sage and initiate a uniformisation of the nomenclature. Further, I would like to strengthen my knowledge of Lie algebras and explore the relations of my research on Coxeter groups with hyperbolic geometry.

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