Collective residencies / Redesign of schools Covid-19 / Olot


From Monday, 24 January 2022 to Friday, 28 January 2022

Architect and Consultant


Silvia Sasot works as an architect , designer and consultant in learning environments. The past 7 years she has been working with more than 30 catalan schools transforming their spaces from interior design to big construction together with a consortium. As an architect with 17+ years of professional experience she plays an intermediate role between the architectural and the pedagogical approach because of her personal sensitivity to learning and education.

She has experience with participatory design and has co-authored Hack the School co-creative guide that belongs to the HtS project awarded with City of Barcelona Award - Design category 2017.


Covid-19 has impacted education around the world as it has forced schools to alter their physical, social and pedagogical educational framework. At Faber, we (an interdisciplinary and international team based in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Spain) will be discussing and comparing how schools in Catalonia, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium have adapted to this situation. How have schools changed physically and how did this affect educational and social practices? The aim of our project is to create knowledge from the current school situation during the pandemic that will benefit school development in the future.

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