Collective residences


From Thursday, 5 April 2018 to Thursday, 12 April 2018

Architect, Landscape Architect, Artist and Human Being
Sicily (Italy)


Alessandra Romeo is an Architect and Landscape Architect – PhD in Landscape Architecture at the University Mediterranean of Reggio Calabria. She worked at Bet Figueras Studio in Barcelona. She has been visiting scholar at Penn Design in Philadelphia (USA), she has collaborated with the Landscape Observatory of Catalunya for an european pilot project to teach Landscape Culture at the primary schools. She is the founder partner of GAP Studio in Sicily, the major interest of her work is landscape design and education. Her interest and research are focused on the perception of the landscape (urban or natural) children have, trying to experiment a specific educational area for the children’s culture of landscape and place it in associative relationship with other subjects and disciplines —art, geography, history— and underlining the potential of the ephemeral project as an educational instrument.  


After the experience of “Olot imaginari”, a workshop about urban space made at Escola Pia in Olot, my work with children will proceed to check what about our experience together left them in term of feeling and thoughts. My purpose is to define a specific educational area for a children’s culture of Landscape and place it in an associative relationship with other subjects and disciplines, such as history, geography, art, literature. The aim is to set a methodology to teach a culture of Landscape accessible to children, by “thinking, designing and doing landscape” because Landscape, as a subject, has a maximum associative capacity and this kind of direct experience has a great educational potential.

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