Collective residences


From Monday, 7 May 2018 to Tuesday, 22 May 2018

PhD researcher


Selçuk Balamir is a designer by trade, researcher by profession and activist by inclination. His main interests are the intersections between creative production, radical politics and ecological systems, and he is also involved in culture jamming practices, intentional community building, and climate justice campaigns. He currently a PhD Fellow at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, researching the sustainability implications of ‘postcapitalist’ design cultures that practice ‘commoning’: to what extent the production of shared value (as opposed to exchange value) in the emergent practices of peer production, open source, and digital fabrication prefigure a new and sustainable basis for product design, and redirect the production and distribution of material artefacts towards viable, desirable and equitable configurations?


I intend to dedicate my time at Faber to synthesise the main findings of my research project and to finalise the introduction and conclusion of my thesis. This residency will give me the opportunity to deepen my reflection on the social, political and ecological uses (and misuses) of design and technology in general and robotics in particular. I intend to  develop ways to present my work to a diversity of disciplines, such as creative professionals, eco-social scholars and policymakers.

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