Collective residences


From Friday, 8 May 2020 to Sunday, 10 May 2020

Entrepreneur and Roboticist
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)


Tom is the founder and chief roboticist of BirdBrain Technologies, located in Pittsburgh, PA. He seeks to design educational tools that catalyze positive making, coding, and engineering learning experiences in the classroom.

Tom received a Ph.D in robotics in 2010 from Carnegie Mellon in part for his work designing the Finch robot and Hummingbird robotics kit. The Finch is a small robot designed to inspire and delight students learning computer science by providing a tangible representation of their code. The Hummingbird is a kit that allows students to create and program robots built from electronic components and craft materials.   

Tom resides in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood with his wife, two kids, cat, and a small army of robots. He would be an invaluable ally in the event of a robot uprising.

És enginyer tècnic en informàtica i màster en programari lliure. És un àvid usuari de GNU/Linux i membre de la Free Software Foundation.

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