Individual residencies / Olot


From Friday, 22 October 2021 to Friday, 29 October 2021


Magdalena Szkwarek holds Master degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Warsaw, Poland. She also completed postgraduate studies in History and Culture of Polish Jews. Magdalena has been working at the Center of Latinamerican studies of the University of Warsaw where she held lectures on Latinamerican Literature, Jewish Diaspora in Latin America, and other topics that concerned Latin America.. In 2019 she published first Polish translation of poems by Cristina Peri Rossi. Her commitment to popularize Latin America culture has been awarded with Cultural Education Award of the City of Warsaw. She works at a Public Library in Warsaw where she started a Latinamerican book club.

She also runs a blog on Ecuador.


During my stay at the Faber I plan to finalize my PhD thesis. The subject matter of the thesis is Jewish motifs in Jorge Luis Borges’s works. Based on this great Argentinian writer’s short stories and poems I do some research to see what role these motifs play in Borges’s works and how they can be interpreted.


During my stay in Olot, I was able to focus on my doctoral thesis on the great Argentinian writer, Jorge Luis Borges. Thanks to the welcoming atmosphere and excellent organisation, the intellectual work was both pleasant and effective.

The scenery, with its beautiful views, museums and monuments (including the Babel tower I found in Olot!), also really helped me to get my thoughts in order. Walking through the city brimming with history and climbing the volcanoes helped me to find the right words to label my ideas and structure my writing. I not only achieved my scientific goals, but also wrote some short stories and poems.

In Olot, I found myself surrounded by friendly, open and interesting people with whom I could chat and exchange ideas. My two activities also allowed me to get to know two important organisations: Can Trona - Centre de Cultura I Natura De La Vall D'en Bas (Culture and Nature Centre of Vall d'en Bas), where I spoke about the Ecuadorian idea of Buen Vivir, and the Marià Vayreda Library.

I would like to thank Faberllull, Gavina and Pepa and everyone involved in creating an ideal space for intellectual work.

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