Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 20 May 2019 to Monday, 27 May 2019

Writer (narrator)
Mexico City


He is the author of the novel Mujer de pieles infinitas (Ediciones B, 2012) and his work has been published in the short story collection Proporción áurea (Libros del Sargento, 2012) and the book of essays on television series Te guardé una bala (Abismos, 2015). He was a fellow of the FONCA Young Creators 2013-2014 program. Since 2004, he has worked as a scriptwriter and broadcaster for cultural and public radios.

Among the things that influence his writing are Pasolini’s “Trilogía de la vida”, Brueghel the Elder’s paintings of country life and J. Andrzejewski’s novel Las puertas del paraíso (about the disastrous “children’s crusade”).


The project consists of advancing the writing of my third novel, entitled Un místico verde. In four episodes, it tells the life of the Irish monk-philosopher Juan Escoto Erígena, who lived in the 9th century: the Deep Medieval. This historical character shone in the Carolingian court, corresponded with popes and emperors, and as a thinker was part of a furious free will/predestination polemic. (The character has always called me for sharing a surname).

Write in Faber

The space one finds in Faber is one of carefully orchestrated neutrality. The hotel, the landscape, the timetables for eating seem designed to be invisible: the only thing that matters is the empty place that opens up for writing. It’s there for writers to get lost and rediscover their own process.

Everything works exactly so that whoever writes is free in this contained space. Even the discreet city of Olot, always close by, can serve as a generous momentary rest, although it doesn’t demand that you stay there too long.

Contact with fellow writers creates a very noble team. It combines companionship (offering a plurality of opinions and experiences) during breakfast and dinner, with respect for the spaces in the Riu Fluvià hotel.

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