Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 1 October 2018 to Friday, 26 October 2018

Philosopher, musician and writer


He has studied philosophy and music, specialising in classical guitar. He has read, written and walked around Barcelona and New York. He has devoted himself to studying the philosophy of Catalan Noucentisme (especially Ors, Pujols and Estelrich) and the thought of the operas by Mozart and Da Ponte. He has started masters and doctorates, without finishing any of them. He has done radio and press in most of the country’s media. He has fled, to avoid problems and censorship, and now works daily on his blog, “La Torre de las Horas.  


I am currently writing a book about my district: the “Guia Sentimental de l’Eixample”, soon to be published by Pòrtic. Despite still being in a very initial phase, the book aims to be a journey through the landscape of the grid in its different neighbourhoods (Dreta, Esquerra, Nova Esquerra, Sant Antoni, Fort Pienc i Sagrada Família), a description of the particularities of the Cerdà plan (with special emphasis on the interiors of the blocks, the chamfers and the squares), as well as a reflection on the thought of the Barcelona engineer and the subsequent modification of his distributive plan for the centre of Barcelona. I will also talk about restaurants and bars, which is what I really dominate.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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