Invidual residences


From Thursday, 19 November 2020 to Sunday, 29 November 2020

Journalist and writer
Montmeló (Barcelona)


Anna Ballbona has published the novel Joyce i les gallines (finalist in the Anagrama Books Award 2016), which was also translated into Spanish, and the collections of poems Conill de gàbia (LaBreu Ediciones, 2012) and La mare que et renyava era un robot (Amadeu Oller Award for Young and Unpublished Poets, 2008). Joyce i les gallines was considered by La Vanguardia newspaper as one of the five best Catalan novels of 2016. It has been included in various anthologies, such as Mig segle de poesia catalanaDel maig de 1968 al 2018 (Proa, 2018) and Women writers in catalan (Rayo Verde, 2017).

She writes regularly in the newspaper AraEl Temps i Serra d’Or publications, and more occasionally in the magazines L’AvençBarcelona Metròpolis i Revista de Catalunya and the digital magazine She is a regular contributor to the Catalan literature programme Radio Ciutat Maragda and the current affairs programme El Balcó, de SER Cataluña.


In Andorra, I will follow the shooting of the film Fred, a Catalan and Andorran co-production, with Polish participation, in order to be able to write a personal report. Directed by Santi Trullenque and scripted by Agustín Franch, the film is a high mountain thriller drama set in 1942, which takes place in several emblematic places in Andorra. The landscape and its history are of capital importance, and go hand in hand with the idea of overcoming adversity. Hence, the future report has the will to reconcile the experience of filming with the time and places portrayed in the film.

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