Individual residencies / Andorra


From Monday, 2 March 2020 to Friday, 13 March 2020



Bendl Vera is a writer, journalist and online editor. She completed her studies in Philosophy and Ancient Hebrew Literature in Budapest, Paris and Jerusalem. After living in Israel for three years, she then returned to Budapest, working as an editor and journalist. During her work she began to focus on interviews with writers, psychologists  and theologians. Bendl Vera has published short stories in various literary magazines since 2005, and her book, The Other Man, was published in 2018. This collection of stories mainly deals with the unsolvable aspects of human relationships and the complex difficulties that can emerge from the mixture of love, passion and day to day life.


I am working on a novel that raises the question as to whether there are any strict borders between an abusive and a passionate, loving relationship. The text also deals with the limits of remembrance and our disturbing inability to access what actually happened in the past. A true recollection of past events is often attempted, yet such projects can only fall short of their aim. The book further challenges the meaning of world historical events to one’s personal life.

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