Collective residences


From Friday, 14 September 2018 to Monday, 17 September 2018

Photographer and Video maker
Spain and Argentina


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tristán has a degree from the Escuala de Arte Fotográfico Avellaneda (Bueonos Aires, 1999). He apprenticed with experienced photographers in Argentina before travelling for a year, exploring documentary and travel photography. Based in Barcelona, he has been part of the Finmatun Cultural Association, where he led music, video, photography and dance workshops and projects in prisons (2006-2014). Since 2007 he has specialized in performing arts photography, and in 2010 performing arts video. Tristán has been a collaborator with BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange), a networking and exchange platform for professional choreographers, dancers and performers, as photographer and videographer since 2012, and more recently social media and communication. He is also the resident photographer and videographer of La Caldera Creation Centre (Barcelona). A founding member of the platform Ciudad Sonora, he collaborates on the creation of music videos. In the last ten years Tristán has worked and collaborated with many different dancers, choreographers, festivals, theatres and cultural institutions in Barcelona, Spain, Europe and most recently North America in New York City and Newfoundland.

He joined BIDE Team in 2013.


During our stay in Faber, the entire BIDE team will meet to diagnose the project, establish the lines of work and the future of the company, deliberate the business plan on a national and international scale, observe the synergies of the team members and face the period from 2018 to 2020. With this residence, the BIDE team begins a work of accompaniment with Toni González, advisor of cultural projects.

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